{reading} The Book of {even more} Awesome.
{listening} Seabear, Darwin Deez, & The Shins, to name a few.
{drinking} peach bubble tea.
{eating} sushi & raspberries.
{anticipating} spending time with family in Clear Lake, where we camp.
{loving} sunny days with my beautiful best friend {first photo}.
{looking} through periwinkle tinted sunglasses that turn sunsets purple.
{inspired by} andrew & carissa's adoption story.

What have you been up to these days? Fill in the {above} blanks and leave them in the comments, if you'd like!


the adventurous birds


"Inside us all patiently waiting, sits a tiny little adventurous bird." 

The adventurer in me was very much alive this evening. Or, at least the long to adventure. After supper, {pizza. delicious. thank-you, Mom.} Chloe {my sister} & I decided that a bike ride up to the lake was in order. So off we went. Did it matter that we weren't at all familiar with the path we were taking? Not at all. We had a grand time being temporarily lost whilst happily humming Seabear songs.

Walking barefoot along the shore for the first time this year was bliss.

After our little excursion, signs of an oncoming storm started to appear. And sure enough, it started to pour, and lightning began to strike as soon as we reached home.

After laughing hysterically while watching a couple episodes of Corner Gas {It's our guilty pleasure. No, it's not. We feel no guilt, whatsoever.}, I head out to our Jeep, which was parked on the driveway, buried myself in some picnic blankets I found in the backseat, and gazed through the windows as the lightning repeatedly lit up the deep blue skies with flashes of light. The World is quite amazing, don't you think? 


and it begins.


As I write, I am sprawled out on a picnic blanket with nothing but my notebook, camera, and sheer joy.

Today was spent biking back & forth {and then back. and forth again.} to school to write the last of my exams. Some parts were a bit difficult, but I'm pretty sure I did well, overall. My math teacher added problems like 'draw a smiley face here for extra marks', and left little candies under the exams. It made my day. :)

Teacups, the little bunny living under our porch, made yet another appearance today. It seems like every time she {or he?} comes out, I am able to get a little bit closer with my camera.

Speaking of teacups, isn't this one beautiful? My Mom received it as a gift today, and I'm kind of in love with it.

Well, my Summer has officially begun. I am over the moon. :)

To those of you on {or approaching} Summer Holidays, do you have any exciting things planned? Do tell!




As I study for my final exams, it's so hard not to let thoughts of camping, picnics, & walks by the lake consume my mind. Before I know it, I'll be handing in that last exam, and in a split second, schoolwork will become of no importance. My Summer daydreams will finally become reality.

Little things like photographing the beautiful flowers in our garden, wearing feathers in my hair, snacking on delicious homemade rhubarb jam & bread, and frolicking through fancy fountains in the park, make the wait for Summer so much more beautiful.

One more day of classes, and two days of exams left. Summer, here I come!


three things i love.


{one} This book. This might be my new all-time favourite. The plot & characters are truly amazing. It's one of those books I take under my covers, and read with a flashlight, late at night. {Uhh. I mean... just kidding, dear parents. Heh. Heh.}

{two} Sun-tea. Also known as 'summer in a cup', or 'the best beverage to ever exist'. Take your pick.

{three} The Instagram app. I don't have an iPod with a camera, but sometimes my Mom lets me use her iPhone to fiddle around on Instagram. So. Much. Fun. I love all the vintage-y editing options there are to choose from.

 Happy weekend to you all!


dear weekend.


Dear weekend,

Thank-you, weekend, for simply existing. The juxtaposition of crazy fun and quiet relaxation you brought was much needed and much appreciated.

Much love,


I fall in love with the Prairie skies. Oh, and isn't my facial expression the epitome of attractiveness? ;)

Puppy-snuggling. Walks by {and in} the creek. An abundance of reading on the porch. Watching the sunset {and almost getting eaten alive by mosquitoes}. Colouring in The Indie Rock Coloring Book. Tea - so much tea. Wishing on dandelions seeds. 

That was my weekend. And I loved every minute of it. Well, maybe not the minutes when my sister & I were under the mosquitoes' attack, but every other minute was wonderful. Soon, I will be living in the non-stop weekend that is Summer Holidays. Just the thought of that makes me smile. Six days. I can do this. I can so do this.

How did you spend your weekend?


'tis friday.


Guess what? 'Tis Friday! Really? Thanks, Abbey. We did not know that...

This week has been so hectic! Thank goodness for weekends. I really don't know what I'd do without them.

I thought wearing a dress to school was a lovely way to end this crazy week. And, boy, was I right. Not only did this dress brighten my day, it also made me feel as if I had just stepped out of a She & Him music video, for some reason.

Dress: Forever 21
Belt: Vintage
Necklace: Oh4Oh9 Design's Etsy

Wishing you a marvellous weekend. Do you have any plans? I just want to relax, read, & cuddle with Gus, the dog we're dog-sitting. And maybe make some popsicles. :)



much love monday.


As I sit out on the deck, pen & paper in hand, tea still hot, Monday comes to an end. A mourning dove coos and everything is perfectly still, except for the occasional bird that swoops from yard to yard. The sky seems almost colourless, but is a faint pastel blue out in the field. I love the later hours of the evening, especially with this weather. For the most part, today was a really nice day.

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days like this.


It's days like this when I'm completely in love with this little town. I love the quirky little shops. I love the beautiful old brick buildings that tower over the streets downtown. I love the fun things we do here and the general friendliness of the people.

It's days like this when I'm thankful for lazy Saturday Summer mornings spent sleeping in, and reading on the trampoline. And when these lazy mornings lead to fun-filled afternoons... that's just the best.

A page from The Exquisite Book
This afternoon was a stop at my favourite little cafe with my Dad, a stroll through the block party our town has every year, and a visit to the antique shop. Perfection. 

What are some things you really love about your town or city? Do tell.


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a glimpse of summer


The weather in this little part of the Prairies cannot make up its mind. We've had crazy winds, dark clouds, heavy rain, and warm sun in a matter of three days. I'm surprised it hasn't snowed on us!

Today, however, was a perfectly sunny day. It started beautifully. It ended beautifully. I think we may be getting a little glimpse into Summer. And, what better way to take advantage of the lovely weather than to walk home barefoot through the field, to relish in a snack of fresh strawberries and golden oreos, and to take some time to read on the deck?

The evening proved that during the golden hour, life on the ground is just as beautiful as the colours in the sky.

Happy first of June, lovelies! I hope the weather is nice where you are.


PS. The blog is currently undergoing a few changes, so bear with me!