home away from home.


I've always loved the idea of visiting another country just to stay for the afternoon. (oh, the amusement that comes from living near the border) A few weekends back, we crossed over into the states for a day on the slopes. Perched high on a chairlift with my sister, we witnessed the unfolding of landscapes our eyes had never seen. So reminiscent of the ones at home, yet completely new to us.

Here's to doing the things you love and the places you've never been.

february the first.


I miss this. Waking up slowly, settled at the kitchen table with a grapefruit drizzled in honey, a bowl of granola, and through the curtains - a single ray of morning sunlight on my book. In the evening, a walk at golden hour, snapping away in a luminescent wind tunnel of cattail seeds. Practicing für elise in an empty house, and that luxury of making the first footprints in a fresh blanket of snow. That was semester break, in a nutshell. The fact that I'm now back in school does not strike a fancy with me, but I'll make this week better by finishing off my first roll of film (and leaving my digital photos unedited), embracing that one class I do love (canadian history), and the occasional phone conversation with nana and grampy (just because they're my favourite). Happy february, friends.