the adventurous birds


"Inside us all patiently waiting, sits a tiny little adventurous bird." 

The adventurer in me was very much alive this evening. Or, at least the long to adventure. After supper, {pizza. delicious. thank-you, Mom.} Chloe {my sister} & I decided that a bike ride up to the lake was in order. So off we went. Did it matter that we weren't at all familiar with the path we were taking? Not at all. We had a grand time being temporarily lost whilst happily humming Seabear songs.

Walking barefoot along the shore for the first time this year was bliss.

After our little excursion, signs of an oncoming storm started to appear. And sure enough, it started to pour, and lightning began to strike as soon as we reached home.

After laughing hysterically while watching a couple episodes of Corner Gas {It's our guilty pleasure. No, it's not. We feel no guilt, whatsoever.}, I head out to our Jeep, which was parked on the driveway, buried myself in some picnic blankets I found in the backseat, and gazed through the windows as the lightning repeatedly lit up the deep blue skies with flashes of light. The World is quite amazing, don't you think? 



  1. Oh, yes, the world is quite amazing! :) Your blog always reminds me of that.

    And haha, I don't feel any guilt about my so-called 'guilty pleasures' either. :)

  2. I have absolutely no clue what "Corner Gas" is, but I'm sure that since you watch it, it's wonderful.
    Lovely post, yet again!! The pictures are beautiful. What camera do you use? Yes, the world is quite and rather amazing. *sigh* I wouldn't wanna live anywhere else...actually I take that back. But lol, I'm happy now :))
    -Jocee <3

  3. These pics are so beautiful! Loving the colors!

  4. lovely images! what a fun adventure. and i love that it started storming! summer storms are the greatest.

  5. Such gorgeous photos. And yes, the world is wonderful.

  6. Your blog and photos are simply breathtaking! And you are so beautiful! Definitely will continue to follow your blog!

  7. Oh I absolutely ADORE Seabear!!!!! I am new to you, and I'm sure I'll stick around :)

  8. Hey just found your blog. Nice pictures! They turned out very professional looking. :)