victoria day.


On our slightly gloomy day off, I drove us three girls out to the local greenhouse. If there's a remedy for that feeling you get after one too many grey days, I think I've found it - it's just a dome. Until you duck inside, only to find that this dome harbours it's own little season of colour, a certain newness that only comes later on in the prairies.
Developing my green thumb is on my summer to-do list, and planting day cannot come soon enough. That, and fresh-from-the-garden suppers on the deck. 

What do you grow?

field notes.


day after almost-summer day,
i am left with an itch.
a yearning to stow away to a cabin somewhere.
and come july, that will be a reality.
but until then, foraging through this will suffice.
because i don't dare think about the real thing for too long.
the excitement gets the best of me each and every time.
isn't it incredible, though?
that something can actually be that good.
anytime now, summer.



+ Friday evening was one spent at the tennis courts, followed by fruit fondue on the deck while dad chopped up wood for a later-on bonfire (chloe and i sang home at the top of our lungs). These almost-summer evenings are the best motivator to get through final projects and soon, exams.

+ A little spruce-up. Because sometimes, even a change of scenery on the internet is nice. I'm loving my new space, generously handcrafted by a dear friend. After slapping a used coffee cup onto a sheet of paper and messily scrawling out my blog name, I handed over the reigns to Carlotta - who has some magical design superpower, I'm convinced. This girl's had to put up with my indecisiveness for days now, so go show her some love.

+ I know, I swore I'd never get one. But, oops. My finger slipped, and I accidentally made a tumblr? Yep, that's what happened... But honestly, after embarking on a new mission to source every work of art (whether it be a photo, a painting, or just a sentence) to it's respective artist, I thought I'd start fresh and create this new journal in lieu of pinterest.

So, that's what's new.

ps. happy mama's day to my beautiful mother. thank-you for everything.

on saying no and keeping my sanity.


So much green. These grey days are getting a little out of hand (and a bit depressing, quite honestly), but I guess that's the small price we have to pay for this newfound lush outside our windows.
On another note, I've been teaching myself the importance of saying no sometimes. I just want to do everything, but then in the midst of this hectic everything, all I long for is a few moments of nothing. So this week, I've taken breaks. I've declined offers. And I've thrown the guilt over my shoulder. Because it's essential to my sanity.

Speaking of my sanity, some things that have been helping me keep it as of late:

movie nights with ma petite souer || barefoot tetherball games in the backyard || issue nine of oh comely  || mama's homemade sun tea || dressing up just to run errands || warmth || so very maturely blowing bubbles with my favourite girls || the skirt (above) my auntie patti made, years before i was born || our fernweh playlists || the fact that it's almost time to plant seeds || exciting personal projects 

How about you?