and it begins.


As I write, I am sprawled out on a picnic blanket with nothing but my notebook, camera, and sheer joy.

Today was spent biking back & forth {and then back. and forth again.} to school to write the last of my exams. Some parts were a bit difficult, but I'm pretty sure I did well, overall. My math teacher added problems like 'draw a smiley face here for extra marks', and left little candies under the exams. It made my day. :)

Teacups, the little bunny living under our porch, made yet another appearance today. It seems like every time she {or he?} comes out, I am able to get a little bit closer with my camera.

Speaking of teacups, isn't this one beautiful? My Mom received it as a gift today, and I'm kind of in love with it.

Well, my Summer has officially begun. I am over the moon. :)

To those of you on {or approaching} Summer Holidays, do you have any exciting things planned? Do tell!



  1. What a lovely little post- this blog is an absolute treasure! I secretly wish a rabbit would live under our porch, too. Alas, I can only hope you will continue to post wonderful pictures, such as this rabbit of yours. Wonderful pictures.

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  2. Congratulations of finishing your exams! Now you can relax and enjoy peaceful times :) I love that little teacup too!

  3. Happy summer! The bunny--and the teacup--are adorable. This summer? Amsterdam! And lots of books and sewing and cameras, and thrifting and painting and biking.

  4. I hope you take this as a compliment - Your writing seems to be penned by Carlotta over at Pastor's Girl's Ponderings herself. Her writing style is divine, as is yours. :)

  5. Teacups is so cute, Abbey! I want a bunny now. :)

    Yay for summer!

  6. I love the colors in these pictures! A bunny keeps showing up in my yard, too. I should think of a name for him! (her?)

  7. aw this looks like so much fun! I used to love pippi longstocking when I was younger. hmm. i'll have to read it again sometime!
    and that teacup is beautiful! (i love the feather next to it!)


  8. Just came across your blog and it's now one of my favorites. Your photography is absolutely incredible, Abbey! I've been sitting here going through your blog for a good thirty minutes and am just absolutely blown away by your talent. You've got a gift.

    Also, thank you for following my little blog and entering our giveaway!

    much love,

  9. That bunny rabbit is too cute!! You have such a lovly blog,and take amazing pictures :)

  10. Such adorable photos! I just found your blog and have already fallen in love with it. You have a wonderful talent with the camera!