the pumpkin patch.


Neutral shades of rich browns and faded greens among brilliant specks of orange. These colours make up the palette for my favourite Autumn haunt. 

My best friend's pumpkin patch. We spent the day out there, picking the best pumpkins and loading them into the truck. Okay, fine -- a good portion of our time was spent frolicking through the patch and playing 'rotten gourd baseball', but the sore arms and dirt-streaked faces proved we did our fair share of work.

Cuddling with the kittens acted as somewhat of a reward, and quite honestly, I cannot think of a better one.

too much cuteness. i die.
My sister and I decided there was no better way to spend an Autumn afternoon...

... so we did it all over again the next day. Because back-to-back days of pumpkins, kittens, Charlie Brown, and best friends are back-to-back days steeped in bliss. 

beautiful rayvn.

I could get used to this. 

What's your favourite way to spend an Autumn afternoon?



the wedding.


Our eyes watered from laughter as we viciously stabbed our homemade caramel apples. We were very much determined to win this sticky battle.

The guys sat in the living room with their guitars, simultaneously strumming and watching the football game -- totally oblivious to the crazy antics that were taking place in the kitchen. 

we took turns wearing the waldo glasses.
We had just returned from the venue. Paper lanterns were now strung from the beams. Mini pumpkins, various gourds, and eucalyptus scattered across the tables. Autumn had officially been brought indoors.

The wedding morning was a huge breakfast, last-minute errands, and iced coffee -- which Meadow so very kindly made for me. I love that girl...

the waldo glasses make yet another appearance.

By late afternoon, our house was filled to the brim with family. It was time.


The beautiful bride? That's my mother. It's true, life is going to be a bit different now. And that's okay. If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that I've got everyone I need to help me embrace this next chapter. Here's to new beginnings.



ps. you should know,  i am still {and always have been} very, very close with my dad. i see him regularly, and love spending time with him.

thanksgiving weekend.


>> cooler weather. Thank-you for giving me reason to don scarves and moccasins on a daily basis. That is very much appreciated.

cardigan: vintage // shorts: forever21 // tank & tights: unknown // belt: american eagle outfitters // scarf: from israel, a gift from my grampy's travels // moccasins: softmoc

>> pomegranate. Enough said.

>> sister. Thank-you for always being my go-to girl for a giggle or two. I love you.

>> autumn leaves. You make something so simple, such as an afternoon walk in the park, seem like something out of a dream.

>> best friend. Thank-you for letting us raid your pumpkin patch yet again. I think we have enough gourds now... ahem.

>> sunset. Learning how to drive is a much more beautiful task when you're around. Let's be friends.



a menagerie of musings // october


Ever since my words entered the blogosphere for the very first time back in February, I've written out all my posts on paper beforehand. The words seem to come out easier this way -- sometimes slow, but never forced. With a notebook {my blogbook, i call it} in my bag at all times, I can plan my posts almost anywhere. At the kitchen table with a cup of tea, sprawled out on an afghan in the backyard, or my location of choice for this particular post: the school library.

I love pomegranate. To some of you, this is no surprise, as I regularly obsess over them. It's not quite pomegranate season here yet, but in a matter of days, it will be. On a recent trip to the city, I found pomegranate arils, and I may or may not have done a happy dance in  front of everybody at Costco...

Fact: this is what my hands usually look like. I love to paint. I really do. Art class, however, has the tendency to stress me out. The term 'art class' itself, is somewhat of an oxymoron, and with all the deadlines and "rules", I usually feel that my creativity is limited and rushed. So, I've decided to start gathering my own collection of acrylic paints and art supplies. I'm quite excited to have a bit more freedom in my artwork.

oxfords, tights, and crunchy leaves // playtime with the littles // striped scarf & a camera necklace // autumn chalkboard doodles

So after a somewhat stressful and busy week, a pumpkin spice latte date with my two favourite girls was just what I needed. What better way to greet the long thanksgiving weekend?

What are your October loves?



a family weekend.


I simply could not contain my excitement. The autumn leaves, gracing every inch of the valley? Astonishing. The golden bales of wheat amidst countless prairie fields? Breathtaking.

But, really, there was only one thing on my mind as we drove -- seeing my family.

I love family gatherings. They're my time time of respite, while also being my time for crazy. They're when I'm at my absolute happiest, to say the least.

This weekend was honestly one of the best ones of my life. We had not one, but two gatherings -- back to back. I was in heaven.

Gathering number one was time spent with the littles, adventuring in the bush, and a bonfire so big, you couldn't see the person sitting across from you. This, of course, all ended with a celebratory firework show in the field.

Sunday, we spent the day at Meadow's house, celebrating Grampy's seventieth birthday. 

Rustically magical would be an accurate way to describe the visit. This might have something to do with the fact that they have the most beautiful log-cabin home on earth. Hey, Meadow -- can I move in, pretty please? ;)

We took timid little Alice for a walk, which pretty much made my day.

And some photographing in the pen. Henry, the burnt-orange chicken, made me giggle. Such a little model he is.

My very favourite part? A beautiful outdoor lunch, which seemed to come straight from the pages of kinfolk

So much laughter, and too much delicious food for my own good. And just when I thought I could never eat again -- there was cake. Pumpkin cheesecake. If you know me, you know that there is no way I could ever turn that down.

God gave me such an awesome family. I feel so blessed.

Happy birthday to the guy who makes me smile the biggest, and laugh the hardest. I love you, Grampy.