days like this.


It's days like this when I'm completely in love with this little town. I love the quirky little shops. I love the beautiful old brick buildings that tower over the streets downtown. I love the fun things we do here and the general friendliness of the people.

It's days like this when I'm thankful for lazy Saturday Summer mornings spent sleeping in, and reading on the trampoline. And when these lazy mornings lead to fun-filled afternoons... that's just the best.

A page from The Exquisite Book
This afternoon was a stop at my favourite little cafe with my Dad, a stroll through the block party our town has every year, and a visit to the antique shop. Perfection. 

What are some things you really love about your town or city? Do tell.


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  1. I used to hate antique shops, specifically the one in the town where my grandparents live. But I went in there again the other day, and fell head-over-heels in love. Sparkly brooches, woven baskets and tea cups. What could be better?

  2. Beautiful pictures. I love the last two. :) What I love about my town: just the general eccentricity. There's all sorts of people. :)

  3. I love my city too. We recently moved downtown and can walk to all the fun things going on. Last week was a living traditions festival and this week is the pride festival. I love the community feeling of cities. :)

  4. Lovely photos, as always. I'm falling die-hard-in-love with your pictures of tea cups. Just lovely. Absolutely lovely.
    -Jocee <3