a lovely tea-party


Tea-parties. The perfect excuse to wear dresses and vintage cardigans, topped of with oxfords and pearls. To talk with friends and laugh at our failed attempts at raising our pinkies while sipping tea.

We had been talking about having a tea party for almost a year, and we were so excited that it finally happened. Everybody made something for lunch or dessert {hello mini cucumber sandwiches & butterscotch scones!}, and one might say we 'stuffed ourselves silly'. Proper tea-party etiquette? Not exactly. Did we mind? Not at all. We couldn't bare to put any of the delicious food to waste!

On another note, when I placed my hands on the keyboard a couple of seconds ago, I saw my painted fingernails. This reminded me of something that I must share with you. The lovely Moorea Seal is writing an amazing series on her blog, called 'Paint Your Love'. It is truly one of the most inspiring things I've ever read. Every week, Moorea shares incredible stories about self realization and 'pursuing loving you'. She also paints her nails a different colour every week, as a visual reminder to love who you are, and encourages you to do the same. If you haven't checked this out yet, you really must.

My nails for this week...

 I hope your week is beautiful.


of cake tragedies and bunny rabbits.


Lush green grass. Gardens in bloom. Reading on the deck with a cup of sun-tea. These lovely things always seem so foreign to me after the long winter. So, when the time comes where I get to see and experience them for the first time in a year, I am quite ecstatic. I still open the door to the yard and expect to see an endless sheet of white. I smile, when I see green for miles, instead.

Today started out a little slow, but it ended up being one of those days where I am incredibly thankful to have people in my life who make me laugh until my stomach hurts. If they keep this up, I'll probably end up with a six-pack due to excessive laughter.

On a little backyard photography adventure, I finally managed to snap a photo of the little rabbit that currently resides under our deck. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever, and has been given the name 'Teacups'.

For a good portion of the day, the sweet aroma of my Mom's chocolate cake filled the house. This would have made me incredibly excited, but there was just one problem. The cake was for an event, and we weren't aloud to eat any. So the cake just sat in the kitchen while the sweet smell lingered in the air, practically mocking us. I was able to lick the glazing spoon afterwords, and help decorate the cake with beautiful edible blossoms, so that made my little cake tragedy a whole lot better. :)

And, this is for you...



three things i love.


{one.} Carlotta's beautiful blog. It's a lovely little corner of the blogosphere. A menagerie of breathtaking photographs & happy things.

{two.} Ampersands. And the fact that I can finally write {draw?...write?...} them. They no longer look as if I was just testing my pen to see if it works. Yes, they were that bad.

{three.} Origami wishing stars. There's just something so magical about capturing your biggest dreams into tiny little stars. I've been keeping a mason jar full of 'happy stars'. Written on the inside of each star, is something that makes me smile, whether it's something as simple as 'teacups' or 'vintage cardigans', or something that means so much to me. 'Being with family', for example. 

Well, I believe I hear a cup of sun-tea calling my name! I hope your week is splendid.


PS. Thank-you so much for all of the wonderful book suggestions!

long-weekend bliss.


Two blissful days of no school lie ahead, and it's only Saturday. Oh, the joys of the long weekend!

Do you ever have the sudden need to craft? I quite often do, and it can strike any time, at any place. Seriously. The other day, it struck during school and I found myself folding up little pinwheels out of looseleaf. ^_^ Yesterday, the need just happened to strike a few blocks away from the scrapbook shoppe. Coincidence? I think not.

So, a couple of hours later, my crafting need was fulfilled, and I ended up with this:

Today was a roadtrip to the city, filled with raindrop-plastered car windows, a delicious green tea frappuccino from Starbucks, and a two-hour stop at Chapters. I didn't have much luck with books this time, but I did pick up the fifth issue of Oh Comely! Love, love, love.

Well, I'm off to go enjoy this beautiful weather. Have a beautiful day, my darlings!


PS. Book suggestions, anybody? I'm in desperate need of some new reading material.

a wonderful wednesday whirlwind


{This was originally written on Wednesday, but I didn't have time to post it.}

The days are slowly, but surely, getting longer and warmer here. It's just beautiful. I think everybody is happy that the long winter is over. Even the teachers want us to go out and enjoy this lovely weather. Let's just say that the only math that was done in our class today, was a friend and I counting the airplanes that flew above us, while we lay on the grass, telling stories and laughing. Hurray for teachers who believe in a little free time every now and then!

Coming home to fresh watermelon and rollkuchen, was definitely one of the best parts of my day. I have my Nana to thank for that.

After devouring my delicious snack, I sat myself down at our crafting table. Twenty minutes and one very messy craft table later, I finished up a card for my friend's birthday party, which just happened to be in an hour!

The very best part about this party, was that the birthday girl knew nothing of it. Yes, a surprise party. Her face when she walked into her own backyard and saw all of us? Priceless.

Birthday girl {right} and a good friend {left}. Beautiful.
The party proved that you're never too old for things like egg races, or jumping on the trampoline. A wonderful time was had by all.

Happy birthday, lovely! Thank-you for making me laugh every single day. 


much love monday.


Linking up to Much Love Monday.

 Flying kites in the field.  Apple-rhubarb crisp with vanilla ice cream.  Relaxing on the deck, trying out the new Pinterest app.  Dreaming of London & Paris.  Homemade iced tea.  Grape hyacinths blooming in the garden.  Ruche's new 'Unending Love' lookbook. Swoon.  Listening the uncontrollable laughter of children from my backyard.  Knowing that Summer is almost here.  Warm{ish} weather and blue skies after rainy, windy days. 



a myriad of things.


Oh, hello there, friends! I'm oh-so-sorry for disappearing this week. I could not access Blogger, for some reason. So, this is going to be a little {or not-so-little} week recap post.

Monday and Tuesday were quite rainy & grey in this little prairie town. I really loved the walking through the thick fog that was looming around in the field, but I wasn't a huge fan of the colourless skies and the hiding of the Sun.

I was delighted when I woke up to the sunlight illuminating my yellow bedroom curtains on Wednesday morning. So delighted, that I wanted to be reminded of the colour all day long. So, I finished off my school ensemble with a yellow lovebird necklace from Lune Vintage, and went off to start my day, while a menagerie of happy yellow thoughts filled my head.

After eight seemingly short hours of school, the rest of Wednesday consisted of delicious hummus & Mum's homemade iced tea, a visit with a friend who makes me laugh really hard, and decorating inspiration notebooks with colourful buttons. 

Oh, you are so cute!

Today and Thursday were filled with crazy prairie weather {snow & rain at the same time...}, studying, pinwheel crafting, sushi, dog-sitting, book-sale hunting, thrifting, and daydreaming. 

Entry for Allie & Mikaela's {A Photo} Challenge

And, now 'tis the weekend. I'm so happy! I hope yours is filled with beautiful things. 


weekend words and photographs.


Flowers for Mothers and Grandmothers. Roofs for picnics and lovely music. Skies for cloud-watching and star-gazing. Little coffee shops for cinnamon buns and lemonade. Windy days for pinwheels and flying kites. Evening bonfires for s'mores and green tea. Weekends for making memories and living beautifully. 



smiles for today.


  •  A surprise visit from my Nana & Grampy.
  • Wearing flowy lace, vintage pearls, and oxford shoes to school.
  • Having a "One person's junk is another person's treasure" experience. Long story short, I'm the new owner of a pale blue vintage trunk with floral lining.
  • The hilarious things my Grampy says: "I love you, Grampy." "Pssh. You only love me because I'm vintage." Don't worry, he's only joking. Like usual.
  • Swooning over beautiful things on Pinterest with a good friend.
  • Adding two more vintage cameras to my collection.
  • And... a dream coming true. I'm traveling to Paris & London next Spring. ♥

What made you smile today? I hope your weekend is lovely.

Three Things I Love


{One} These hidden animal teacups. Swoon... These may be the only teacups that make you smile when there's no tea left.

{Two} This beautiful bed. I love the bright, happy colours, and bunting on a headboard is such a lovely idea.


{Three} The Lune Vintage Mobile Shop. I'm so excited to stop by this Summer, and see all of Jill's whimsical, gyspy-esque vintage finds.
Well, the snow from Sunday has already melted. Hurray! I'll talk to you soon,


Hello, May?


Wait. Hold on a second. Wasn't it just three days ago, when we were walking home without our coats? When we were lying in the backyard on picnic blankets, looking up at the blue sky? Yes, I do believe so. But, I guess Mother Nature had a different plan in mind last night. I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised. This is the Prairies, after all. 

Since flying a kite and lying in the grass with a good book wasn't an option today, I baked some delicious Strawberry-Lemonade Cupcakes and played a crazy game of Scrabble (with some tea, of course) with my Grandma. 

1. My floral vintage bedding. 2. Comfy, lace-adorned sweatshirt. 3. Sadie stares out the window, wishing for Spring. 4. Silicone cupcake liners, ready for batter. 5. Playing Scrabble. 6. Finished cupcakes. Yum!

I hope your weekend was beautiful. I have some post ideas swirling around in my head, so I'll be back soon!