now and then.


that was last week.
then, this happened.

plus twenty. twenty. degrees. celsius.
it's a mystery as to how this happened, really.
but all of manitoba was rejoicing, sans parkas & toques.
this province was nice place to be this weekend.
after five long months of ice, snow, and just plain cold,
i cannot tell you how good it felt to be kissed by the sun again.
even if only for a little while.

today, a sense of petrichor lingers in the air.
it's foggy and somewhat humid,
and the aroma keeps bringing me back to the lake.
and i'm on the rooftop, nestled under a pile of blankets.
just my camera, notebook, and thoughts.
chloe pops up every once in a while.
just to climb under the covers,
or steal my camera,
or make me laugh.
i'd like to stay up here until next weekend, please.

in typical canadian fashion, i must ask you about the weather in your neck of the woods.


some ramblings.


I turned on some Weepies tunes this morning, sat down with a colouring book (because, really - you're never too old), and declared it a 'non-sick day'. And somehow, I think it might be working. After a week of being stuck at home and just feeling bleah, it's feels so nice to actually want to create things again. This head of mine is making less room for aches, and more room for inspiration. And if anything good came out of being sick, I finally learned how to swallow pills. (only took me sixteen years...)

some photos as of late