a break from chaos.


dear dad,
thank-you for being one of the only people crazy enough to go adventuring with me. trudging through old abandoned homes in the minus thirty degree weather isn't most people's cup of tea. but you, like I, revel in it - bundled in winter gear and camera in hand.

I pried myself away from final projects, piles of homework, and exam reviews - just for an hour or so. We hit the jackpot for food photography backdrops (thank-you, old barns) and pointed out the little things that had gone untouched since we visited last canada day. Remember this? Remember that? Our adventure ended far too quickly, but not before warming up with steaming drinks from our favourite coffee shop.

How do you keep sane during the chaos that is exam week?



this morning.


I'm second to rise this morning. Being on holidays, this is highly unusual, but I woke up this morning with a sense of pure giddiness for the day ahead.

My mother is situated at the kitchen table with a magazine. I join her and precede to write this very post in my moleskine. I consider breakfast, and reach for the bag of clementines. Naturally, the food photographer in me begins to ponder which potter the clementines would look best in. The cerulean bowl made by my aunt? The speckled plate from our art gallery?

One hour and dozens of photographs later, I finally sit down to devour my uneaten clementine. Yes. Story of my life.

Some photos from this week.


ps. thank-you so much for all your sweet words regarding fernweh. i cannot stop smiling.

holiday photographs and a surprise.


I'm so thankful. This break has blessed me with good day after good day. 

On this particular one, some good friends and I launched 'The Project' we've been whispering so much about. This is our Fernweh, a collective guide to life made lovely. Why don't you come on over and say hello?