hello, break.


It's been so very quiet around here. I apologize. But quite honestly, I need a break. Thank goodness -- that break officially begins today.

So, thus begins seventeen glorious (school-free) days of respite. I leave you with a festive treat. 

white chocolate rock.

>> 2 cups white chocolate discs
>> red or green food colouring 
>> 2 peppermint candy canes (crushed). 

Melt chocolate in the microwave on medium power, stirring every minute. Pour onto parchment paper and spread with back of spoon. Drop food colouring (two to three drops) over chocolate. Swirl with a knife. Sprinkle with candy cane. Let cool, and when hardened, break apart into bite-sized pieces. 

Enjoy! I'm off to a ugly christmas sweater party with friends.




the weepies + chalk typography. such a good combination.

Cough, cough, cough. Cough. Cough. Apparently, that's how I say 'hello' these days. On top of my lifelong cold (i was born with a cold. yes, seriously.), I've been feeling a little under the weather lately. It's not so fun.

Thankfully, there's copious amounts of apple cinnamon tea in the cupboard and a plenitude of gifts just waiting to be wrapped. Plus, I've got an awesome sister who will venture outside with me to take photos, even when it's three-pairs-of-socks weather. I like her.


ps. any good book suggestions? this sickly girl is in desperate need of some reading material.

the state in-between.


Us bloggers, we tend to get quite excited during that shifting period of time, where one season slowly begins to transition into the next. We look forward to those little things, like homemade pumpkin bread in autumn and the first snowfall of the winter.

mustard yellow sweaters for grey sky days.

This prairie province is currently nestled in that in-between state. There are next to no remnants of autumn, only the occasional lone leaf blowing across the yard. Winter seems hesitant to settle down and stay awhile. It snows. It melts. Repeat.

This in-between state is the perfect time to check things off my mile long to-do list (hello, giftwrapping.). It prompts frequent visits to our favourite coffee shop, which is always filled the the brim with hipsters (oh, yes.).

I'm quite content right here. My winter wonderland will come soon enough.


writing with a melted marshmallow moustache.


Sitting here, watching the marshmallows slowly melt into my hot chocolate, creating a delectable layer of sweet and foamy goodness - it hits me. Today is the first of December. How on earth did this happen? Was I not just packing up my suitcase for the lake? Evidently not, since we are now unpacking boxes upon boxes of ornaments, wrapping paper, and garland. Room has been made on my mother's pottery shelves for decorations, and our chalkboard countdown reads twenty-four. 

i love our tree. no theme, just ornaments collected from over the years.
The first days of December will be filled with copious amounts of gift wrapping, brainstorming ideas for an exciting project, letter-writing, and baking with mama (she's been on a roll lately). Christmas break is drawing near, and these little things will make the wait so much sweeter. 

Here's to a beautiful month.


ps. listen.