rhubarb patch thoughts.


I've been missing summer a great deal lately. Our first lake trip was confirmed last week, and now everything reminds me of the place. Not like it didn't before, but now I can't even sip an iced coffee or catch the faintest whiff of a neighbour's bonfire without my mind packing up and wandering off to my favourite lake-bound haunts.
And though my mind may wander, for now I'll stay right here. I have the rest of this week to do what I please, mostly - even if that's just pretending it's sundress & sandal & gardening weather (it's not), reading a lot of rookie mag, and painting my fingernails five different shades of blue.

razzle dazzle rose.


*written yesterday
I could not bring myself to sleep in this morning. And that's not something you'll hear me say often. I crept up the stairs a few minutes ago, only to realise everyone was still asleep, so here I am, literally buried under five or so blankets (i am perpetually cold), writing this on the back of an old biology lab. Investigating the Movement of Water. Works for me. 
Today I am seventeen. And maybe it does feel a bit different. But mostly, it feels just like yesterday - incredibly exciting and a bit terrifying. With shooting my first engagement session in the afternoon and barista training in the evening, today is what I would call a day of firsts. And I think I'm ready.

"rose, i'm feeling older.
courage my love, will make me bolder.
expecting softness, can lead to foolishness.
when i choose my colour, it will be razzle dazzle rose."

Razzle Dazzle Rose by Camera Obscura on Grooveshark

vacances de printemps.


little life lessons from spring break

sisters are the best kind of friends || animals make good friends, too || hawaiian music is the perfect soundtrack for long drives || when life hands you lemons, take photos of them || drink lots of water. when it all comes down to it, it's really the best beverage || coral pants make everything more fun || when the weepies are on the radio: turn up the volume and have yourself a little dance party in the car || grampy's oatmeal is pure magic || no need to check the forecast. manitoba weather is truly unpredictable || say yes to colouring books, skipping stones, and parrot shaped kites. you're never too old.