now and then.


that was last week.
then, this happened.

plus twenty. twenty. degrees. celsius.
it's a mystery as to how this happened, really.
but all of manitoba was rejoicing, sans parkas & toques.
this province was nice place to be this weekend.
after five long months of ice, snow, and just plain cold,
i cannot tell you how good it felt to be kissed by the sun again.
even if only for a little while.

today, a sense of petrichor lingers in the air.
it's foggy and somewhat humid,
and the aroma keeps bringing me back to the lake.
and i'm on the rooftop, nestled under a pile of blankets.
just my camera, notebook, and thoughts.
chloe pops up every once in a while.
just to climb under the covers,
or steal my camera,
or make me laugh.
i'd like to stay up here until next weekend, please.

in typical canadian fashion, i must ask you about the weather in your neck of the woods.



  1. I <3 the last photograph! You always present the prettiest posts.

    >>----> come stop for tea @

  2. This is seriously amazing. I'm not even joking. Your photographs make me melt every time.

  3. can I come sit on the roof with you? :) these photos are amazing!

  4. ahhh I love these pictures!!! Especially the last one!

  5. i love the sunset picture! and the weather here is gorgeous. :)


  6. just magic. have I mentioned I love your photos? oh, and you. x

  7. Eeep, now I want to go sit on my roof wrapped in a blanket with a journal and a cup of tea.

    Oh, and the bird picture is like, seriously awesome.


  8. hi. I love you. and chloe. your mama is so beautiful. I'm jealous of her hair. I wish I could sit on the roof with you, because that would make my whole life. and now I'm just rambling like a fool, so I should probably stop. but not before I tell you again how much I love you.
    x twin sister

  9. those last three photos on the roof are so pretty. i would love to have a little nook up there where i could escape to.

  10. The three last photos just stole my heart; the colors are absoloutely squeal worthy.

  11. wow this is beautifulbeautiful. oh and that last photo? it's so captivating-ah i could go on forever, but i'll stop here.(;
    great post, abbey!

  12. on the roof, with a quilt, writing?! I love your life darling. Absolutely stunning again. <3

  13. Your hair is so pretty... and it's auburn (the most amazing hair colour in the world)!
    So I would join you on the rooftop, but only for the sake of taking 10,000 photographs of you. Heights are not really my thing.
    Your photos are just... lovely! What lens did you use?

    eve @ essence of eve

    p.s. Canadian fashion? I've never seen anyone sitting on a rooftop here in Ontario... though I'm sure we do other weird things. ;P

  14. Your pictures are too amazing. Especially that last one. You are one gifted photographer. :))

  15. The last two pictures + the picture of the birds flying = my life made. Seriously though, I don't know how you always manage to capture such gorgeous photos. Where in Canada are you? In BC we've still got our regular rainy days, but spring is slowly starting! :)

  16. lovely post! i agree - such crazy weather! i can hardly believe it, but i'll take it!

  17. before i talk about the weather in my not-necessarily-neck-of-the-woods, the first picture is my favorite, because the two girls having a conversation and they're just doing what they always do. and that's adorable, and i love their expressions. also, i love, love, love your shirt. i'm going to steal your closet and then sit on the roof with you and journal.
    our weather here is sort of awkward - it's currently 70 now with highs in the 80's and it's a bit muggy outside, but that's texas for you. the bugs are beginning to nestle on the porch, and i'm scared of my porch now. so yes, that's my weather. i heart you, abbey. and the way you spell "abbey".
    -jocee <3

  18. you're on the roof. therefore, you are officially awesome. that is all.
    oh wait, also I can't believe the gorgeous weather we've been having! more like june than end-of-winter.
    you're the best :) xo.

  19. Sitting on the roof is my favourite thing to do in good weather. It's sunny here too, but sadly without the petrichor.

  20. You never cease to amaze me with how utterly lovely your photos are. And do you really go on your roof? Because I'm 100% serious when I say that I do too. Usually to read, write or think. (I don't know if you read Ordinary Utopia, but I posted about it there.) Great post.

  21. Beautiful photos Abbey. It all looks magical, I don't even know what to say. :) sitting in the rooftop with a notebook, camera and blanket sounds so peaceful. By the way, that blanket is so pretty. :) our weather has been very different as well. At this time of year we normally have snow and are freezing but for the past week I've been wearing shorts and flip flops.

  22. Oops, I meant to say sitting on the rooftop. :)

  23. Here in Ontario we're getting the warm weather too! It's so thrilling & fabulous! I have been wanting to go sit on my roof for a while now. So I have to figure out a way to get on it first.

    Your pictures are incredible! As usual :)

    Abbie /// XOXOX

  24. HOW are you photos always so beautiful? So clear, stainless, full of passion and emotion. The girl with the freckles splattered across her face with the snow. perfect.

  25. Does your mother know you get up on the roof?! I guess she does now!! I love your photos of Manitoba - they make me homesick, but in a good way.

  26. That last picture on the roof is pure magic! Here in Australia we are at the very beginning of autumn. The days are getting chilly and there are hints of yellow in the trees. This is my absolute favourite time of year! Lovely post as always.

    Katie x

  27. Neat pictures!

  28. i love the last picture! the colors are amazing :D

  29. Lovely photos!
    The weather has been really nice (in the sixties Fahrenheit) here in WI for a couple of weeks. I am so happy for the warm weather and an early Spring, and I am so hoping that it lasts!

  30. WHY did I never see this post? I LOVE THE LAST PICTURE. Ah. Love how the colors of the blanket pop against the house and sky.

  31. That 3rd picture was so magical. I loved it. Especially her freckles :)