a menagerie of musings // october


Ever since my words entered the blogosphere for the very first time back in February, I've written out all my posts on paper beforehand. The words seem to come out easier this way -- sometimes slow, but never forced. With a notebook {my blogbook, i call it} in my bag at all times, I can plan my posts almost anywhere. At the kitchen table with a cup of tea, sprawled out on an afghan in the backyard, or my location of choice for this particular post: the school library.

I love pomegranate. To some of you, this is no surprise, as I regularly obsess over them. It's not quite pomegranate season here yet, but in a matter of days, it will be. On a recent trip to the city, I found pomegranate arils, and I may or may not have done a happy dance in  front of everybody at Costco...

Fact: this is what my hands usually look like. I love to paint. I really do. Art class, however, has the tendency to stress me out. The term 'art class' itself, is somewhat of an oxymoron, and with all the deadlines and "rules", I usually feel that my creativity is limited and rushed. So, I've decided to start gathering my own collection of acrylic paints and art supplies. I'm quite excited to have a bit more freedom in my artwork.

oxfords, tights, and crunchy leaves // playtime with the littles // striped scarf & a camera necklace // autumn chalkboard doodles

So after a somewhat stressful and busy week, a pumpkin spice latte date with my two favourite girls was just what I needed. What better way to greet the long thanksgiving weekend?

What are your October loves?




  1. goodness, you and pomegranates and pumpkins and oxfords and crunchy leaves and the like. it all sounds so much fun! unfortunately for me, however, it is not quite yet fall here in central texas, but tomorrow we shall be blessed enough to have 81 degrees at the high temp. before 90 takes over again. the leaves are slowly but surely aging, and they actually began falling in late august. the trees are right on track, but the rest of the world has yet to catch up.
    lovely, lovely post, abbey. i adore your photos so much.
    -jocee <3
    {pee ess: you have inspired me to start a "blogbook" as well! i'm going to use it for many other things such as recipes, quotes and poems, and then when i'm an old lady i'll look back and see what i did as a teenager.}
    {pee pee ess: where do you get your notebooks? i found some lovely ones at ruche and anthropology.}

  2. A truly beautiful post. Your pictures are stunning! I love October so much, I really can't point out just a few things, but I do love the cool weather, hot drinks, and warm clothes. :)

  3. it comes as no surprise we're all anxious to see a painting or two..or three. well, i am (hint, hint, wink, wink)
    i fell in love with chalkboard bed headrest.

  4. my fall loves? honey crisp apples, sweatshirts and jeans, freshly baked bread, and the sound of your sister raking leaves in the backyard as i type this, while i savor a glass of cranberry juice :)


  5. no wonder your posts are so lovely. i have been compelled to write posts down as well, and hope to start soon...seems like a much better way to write.

    yum. pomegranates, one of my fall favorites as well. our neighbors grow a big bush down the street which produces both red and PINK pomegranates which they let us pick every year.

    love your posts, as usual. ;)

  6. I started writing my posts in a notebook and then I got stressed and typed them up, and it's become a mix of the two--but the idea of a dedicated blogbook sounds like something I should start! And pomegranates are brilliant... I love them with salad leaves and parmasan for lunch. Delicous.

  7. blogbooks and pomegranates (oh, that photo is positively swoon worthy) and pretty nails and paint and chalkboard walls and YOU make me so happy.


    twin sister.

  8. what a neat way to blog.
    i love pomegranates.
    and those shoes are too cute.

  9. lovely photos as always, and i love your idea of a blogbook. i would love to do that but i don't like writing much. i'm so jealous that it is thanksgiving weekend there. ♥

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  11. blogbook...I've actually done something quite like that, although I don't write all my posts out first, and my notebook isn't nearly as swoon-worthy as yours.
    I've had pomegranates I think...once? and I love them, but I especially adore the vibrant crimson color and general photogenic-ness of them.
    What you mentioned about painting is exactly how photography is with me--I love doing it, but when I have to meet deadlines and learn restrictive rules, it takes the joy away. So I just do it on my own whims and learn by practice!
    pardon my incredibly extensive comment, but I am quite in love with your blog and photography and writing.
    p.s. I'm having a giveaway over at my blog with four lovely prizes, if you'd care to enter!

  12. that's such a beautiful idea- writing down your blog posts. I might have to begin doing the same thing. :)

  13. lovely, lovely post. your photos are beautiful! i think i can speak for all of us southern folk when i say your fall photos are making me slightly jealous! ;)

  14. I think I will be starting a blogbook soon. I write better that way. Thank you for the inspiration, and have a lovely weekend. :)

  15. A blogbook sounds like a wonderful idea! I often think of things I want to blog about, then the words/ideas escape me once i'm home again, so perhaps I should should start a blogbook.

    I felt the same way about art class in high school. Deadlines and guidelines always seem to stifle creativity.

  16. gorgeous pictures, as well as thoughts. simply lovely darling (:

  17. Blogbook? Great idea! I think I'm gonna start using one myself.

    Lovely photos! Can we see a painting or two soon? Pretty please... :-)

  18. Great post abbey! I love pre-planning blog posts too. It makes the blog post even better.

  19. oh goodness. I love your posts. And pomegranates are one of my me and family's favorite treats ever. Love the fall loveliness. xo

  20. Oh, so that's what I should be doing! I spend half my life writing blog posts in my head -- and, really, how am I going to remember them all? A blog book. What a good idea. :D

  21. oh my, Abbey. this post was perfection. notebooks make me so very happy, and that one is gorgeous. plus, pumpkin spice lattes are the love of my life. or at least, they make autumn about 274 times better than it already is, if that's possible.


  22. Your notebook is beautiful!! I love chunky sweaters and cute boots! :D