a family weekend.


I simply could not contain my excitement. The autumn leaves, gracing every inch of the valley? Astonishing. The golden bales of wheat amidst countless prairie fields? Breathtaking.

But, really, there was only one thing on my mind as we drove -- seeing my family.

I love family gatherings. They're my time time of respite, while also being my time for crazy. They're when I'm at my absolute happiest, to say the least.

This weekend was honestly one of the best ones of my life. We had not one, but two gatherings -- back to back. I was in heaven.

Gathering number one was time spent with the littles, adventuring in the bush, and a bonfire so big, you couldn't see the person sitting across from you. This, of course, all ended with a celebratory firework show in the field.

Sunday, we spent the day at Meadow's house, celebrating Grampy's seventieth birthday. 

Rustically magical would be an accurate way to describe the visit. This might have something to do with the fact that they have the most beautiful log-cabin home on earth. Hey, Meadow -- can I move in, pretty please? ;)

We took timid little Alice for a walk, which pretty much made my day.

And some photographing in the pen. Henry, the burnt-orange chicken, made me giggle. Such a little model he is.

My very favourite part? A beautiful outdoor lunch, which seemed to come straight from the pages of kinfolk

So much laughter, and too much delicious food for my own good. And just when I thought I could never eat again -- there was cake. Pumpkin cheesecake. If you know me, you know that there is no way I could ever turn that down.

God gave me such an awesome family. I feel so blessed.

Happy birthday to the guy who makes me smile the biggest, and laugh the hardest. I love you, Grampy. 




  1. beautiful pictures! how wonderful :)

  2. that last pic? SO cute! :) sounds like a beautiful weekend - especially since there was pumpkin cheesecake! ;)

  3. ohmygoodness, these are GORGEOUS shots. love love love them!!

  4. love the second pic of the kiddos on the tire swing!! great focus. aww!! your grandparents are just adorable. well, more like extraordinarily special; they're role models.
    oh my word i love kinfolk! and that cheesecake looks divine :))
    -jocee <3

  5. This is my new favorite post of yours, Abbey. EVER. These pictures are superb. I have nothing else to add. Except that I wish I could have been there (if that's not weird). :)

  6. beautiful pictures! especially the ones of the tire swing.


  7. Ok, I want that tire swing.
    And lama... or is it an alpaca?

  8. wow, simply amazing.

    love your photographs. love your writings. love your blog. that's all i have to say. ;)


  9. have I ever told you you're amazing? because you are. in all your secret-kinfolk glory ;) and also, your nails (those are yours, right?) are pretty much the best thing I've seen all day. gorgeous.

    xo, twin sister.

  10. good gracious, your photos are magic. i'm coming away from this post feeling all happy and inspired. i love you to pieces, dear.

  11. Oh, just lovely. Kinfolk magazine ish? definitely. Family gatherings are some of the best. Beautiful photos, as usual. xo.

  12. Oh my gosh... these are GORGEOUS photos!! And it looks like you had loads of fun too!

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. I think I'm in love with it. LOL. :)

  13. Abbey, I do believe that this post is one of your best yet.
    Wonderful ♡

  14. these are such stunning photos! especially the fifth from the top, where they're on the tire swing. keep it up!


  15. These are such gorgeous shots- and it looks like an amazing weekend!! Roosters, llamas and magical dinner parties with loved ones? Perfection :)

  16. Beautiful pictures! And words too. :) Your picture of Henry made me laugh-he's so cute!

  17. abbey, abbey, abbey, why must every single one of your photos always be so gorgeous?!

  18. I love the pictures! Especially the last one :)