smiles for today.


  •  A surprise visit from my Nana & Grampy.
  • Wearing flowy lace, vintage pearls, and oxford shoes to school.
  • Having a "One person's junk is another person's treasure" experience. Long story short, I'm the new owner of a pale blue vintage trunk with floral lining.
  • The hilarious things my Grampy says: "I love you, Grampy." "Pssh. You only love me because I'm vintage." Don't worry, he's only joking. Like usual.
  • Swooning over beautiful things on Pinterest with a good friend.
  • Adding two more vintage cameras to my collection.
  • And... a dream coming true. I'm traveling to Paris & London next Spring. ♥

What made you smile today? I hope your weekend is lovely.


  1. Paris and London? You will have the best time, Abbey! Although I'm not a seasoned Londoner, I recommend checking out Liberty for brilliant shopping, and my favourite museum by far is the Victoria & Albert {V&A} which is fantastic. They have brilliant artworks and an amazing fashion part too. Also, as grotty and disgusting as the train stations might seem {I'm presuming you'll be Eurostarring either from London to Paris, or vice versa}, the further you get into the heart of either city, the nicer it gets--bear that in mind! Gare du Nord is hideous, but literally two minutes later it's beautiful.

  2. I love that first picture! And Paris & London? Lucky! :) Sounds like a nice, smiley day.

  3. Everything about this post-
    lovely. Especially the Paris and London part. :) Your hair is stunning!

  4. that's so exciting! Paris & London are lovely. (:

  5. wow! a trip to paris would make me smile too!!!