a myriad of things.


Oh, hello there, friends! I'm oh-so-sorry for disappearing this week. I could not access Blogger, for some reason. So, this is going to be a little {or not-so-little} week recap post.

Monday and Tuesday were quite rainy & grey in this little prairie town. I really loved the walking through the thick fog that was looming around in the field, but I wasn't a huge fan of the colourless skies and the hiding of the Sun.

I was delighted when I woke up to the sunlight illuminating my yellow bedroom curtains on Wednesday morning. So delighted, that I wanted to be reminded of the colour all day long. So, I finished off my school ensemble with a yellow lovebird necklace from Lune Vintage, and went off to start my day, while a menagerie of happy yellow thoughts filled my head.

After eight seemingly short hours of school, the rest of Wednesday consisted of delicious hummus & Mum's homemade iced tea, a visit with a friend who makes me laugh really hard, and decorating inspiration notebooks with colourful buttons. 

Oh, you are so cute!

Today and Thursday were filled with crazy prairie weather {snow & rain at the same time...}, studying, pinwheel crafting, sushi, dog-sitting, book-sale hunting, thrifting, and daydreaming. 

Entry for Allie & Mikaela's {A Photo} Challenge

And, now 'tis the weekend. I'm so happy! I hope yours is filled with beautiful things. 



  1. You guys are still getting snow? Man! :P

    I love that buttons on that notebook. So cute.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. *edit* I mean "those buttons". I really should read my comments again before I publish them. :P

  3. Hello, Abbey! Wow, you're still getting snow? I hope the weather gets clear soon! :) All I've been getting is wind. The "My tea" cup is adorable. Have a great weekend!

  4. I love the "my tea" mug, and are you playing tetherball? Please say that you are.

  5. Thank-you for the lovely comments!

    And Robyn, yes, that's my friend playing tetherball in my yard. Tetherball is probably the most amazing game of all time. :)

    I just wanted to say, I've been reading your blog for about a year, and I absolutely love it! Thanks so much for commenting.


  6. Pretty self portrait! I really like it! :D

  7. Very pretty! You did a great job! :)