a menagerie of musings // september


This tiny little bundle of beautiful? She's the newest addition to this family of mine. Words cannot express how excited I am to be related to yet another sweet little girl. Hello, Codie Rose.

Relishing in delicious beverages, while laughing at my Dad and sister's pathetic attempt at a game of checkers. That's precisely how I bid farewell to my Summer, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

pinning on my inspiration wall // lunch in the city // tea smoothies & friendship bracelets // the help was amazing

I'm a country girl at heart. Most of my Autumns consist of long rides on the combine and family picnics amidst fields of wheat. This year, however, there hasn't been much harvest, because of flooding. So, until next Autumn, I get my country fix from a wheat field literally just a hop, skip, and a jump away from my house. While it's no match for family harvest time, it's beautiful, nonetheless. 

"Panna-cakes that nana makes.", we say. Yes, my Nana's pancakes are so delectable, they acquired their own little rhyme somewhere along the way. ;)

What are you loving about September?




  1. codie is so incredibly precious. and her name! i die. also. the friendship bracelet shot made me so incredibly happy. i'm seriously over the moon about this whole thing.

    twin sister.
    p.s. that sunset shot is stunning.

  2. p.p.s. i'm wearing my bracelet right now too. it makes me so happy.

  3. Cute! The youngest person in my family is ten, so I'm not around babies very often. Must be fun, though!

  4. beautiful post! she is such a gorgeous little one :)

  5. im loving this post ;) Codie Rose? Oh my... how cute! Her name is precious too :)

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  7. Around here it looks like September is running a little late...

  8. Little Codie is absolutely adorable! And The Help? Amazing movie...
    I'm a country girl too - one of the best things ever. :)

  9. Codie is adorable! What a sweet photo. And Panna-cakes sound absolutely wonderful -- especially ones Nana makes. :) My grandma's bluberry pancakes are my favorite; I'll never understand how she makes something so simple so delicious. xx.

  10. codie is gorgeous!

    i'm absolutely loving september this year. the shift back into a schedule has been a little bittersweet, but it's been a good shift. i'm happy being back on the taylor campus and seeing friends again. so far, fall's been amazing. and the addition of a new penpal hasn't made it any worse. ;)

  11. Codie is precious-and such a cute name, too! :-) September has been, well, busy. But, I'm loving the cool weather and just the fun fall things that September brings! ;-)


    P.S. I sent you an email. Did you get it?

  12. Codie is such a beautiful name!! I wonder what it means. She's just loverly. Give her a kiss for me!!
    You have the most wonderful life. *sigh* I wish I were you. What do you use to edit your photos? They're just amazing.
    I really want to see The Help. But I think I'll have to read it first :P
    Great post :))
    -Jocee <3
    {pee ess: Are you going to get a FAQ page? Your blog is growing rapidly and I think you should. Just a suggestion :)}

  13. Codie is sooo cute!(: and the help was amazing, probably one of my favorite movies!

  14. this post is darling.

    the help is my new favourite film/book ever. period.

    your little girlie is so precious. niece?

  15. Codie Rose is adorable! And, we live in the country too and things were harvested in late August, since the crazy weather this year meant all the farmers wanted to bring their crop in before any frost. There's amazing cylindrical bales of hay everywhere, and all the rapeseed has been cut short, and I've seen several ponies and far too many tractors holding up the traffic!

  16. Thanks for posting a picture of Codie, Abbey! I take all that I can get. She is pretty cute, isn't she? And I love reading all of your friends comments about how much they love her name!! I'll have to tell Amy to come and check out this post so she can read these...she'll love it.

    I love September because it's a change of season and a change of wardrobe! I like to get out my jeans again (although I haven't yet) and shop for long sleeved T-shirts and wear flats! It is still quite summery here in Nova Scotia, but the nights are definitely cooler and feeling like fall.

    Are you surviving school so far???

  17. Ah yes, another baby girl to love! I hope I can meet her one day, too!
    Our September has been August like, and I love it!

  18. Beautiful! I love this little peek into your month- combines, beautiful babies, friendship bracelets? How perfect :)

  19. That sunset is gorgeous. Eep!
    Codie. So cute.
    Panna-cakes make me smile :)
    September is wonderful.


  20. Those shots are beautiful and what a nice way to bid summer farewell! I especially like the delicate lighting on the one of your father and sister playing checkers. Nice work! :)

    This Good Life