An Award and an Outfit


Hello, there!

I was recently given the Stylish Blogger Award by the lovely Libby. Thank-you so much, Libby! I think this calls for a couple of outfit photos from today. :)

First two photos taken by my sister, Chloe.
Jeans and a Spring jacket would have been much more appropriate for the weather today, but I just couldn't help myself. This outfit puts me in a good mood!

Cardigan: Old Navy
Top: Thrifted
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21
Scarf: Borrowed from my Nana
Jewellery: Vintage
Tights: Borrowed from my Mum

When awarded the Stylish Blogger Award, one must list seven unknown facts about themself. So, here I go!

{One} One day, I will own a little shop filled with vintage clothing, antiques, beautiful handmade items, and sweets (cupcakes and macaroons, anyone?). This shop will be called, you guessed it, The Inglenook.
{Two} I collect vintage film cameras.
{Three} I'm usually a Winter person, but I can't wait until Summer, when I can just sit outside all day while drinking iced green tea and reading issues of Oh Comely.
{Four} I want to travel many places and see the World.
{Five} Everyday, the second I get home from school, on go my Padraig slippers.
{Six} I'm going One Day Without Shoes on April 5th (and hoping that my teachers won't give me heck).
{Seven} I love tea. Especially ones with interesting flavours. Summer-berry and Black Forest are my favourites.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend,



  1. One Day Without Shoes sounds like a movement! I would love to join in but I have a meeting with my head on that day--student council, not detention!--and I fear he wouldn't exactly look kindly upon iy.
    And, Abbey, your outfit is beautiful!

  2. I love your outfit! You should definitely do more outfit posts in the future. :)

    I like your idea of the Inglenook shop. I'd come and visit. :)


  3. Your outfit is so cute! I wish my forever 21 had clothes like that :P You look so pretty!

    Congrats on the Stylish Blogger! :) When you have your Inglenook shop, I'll be sure to visit ^_^


  4. I love your outfit, Abbey! It's so springy and cute. ^_^

    When The Inglenook is established, I will drive all the way up to Canada so I can taste your cupcakes and buy vintage items. Haha! ;)

  5. Abbey, you are so pretty! I love your hair, and that outfit is amazing. Everything about it is perfect.
    I would definitely love The Inglenook shop, it sounds like my kind of place. :)
    Good luck with the One Day Without Shoes! I really want to participate as well.


  6. Great shots!!!You look amazing!

  7. I know I said this before, but you are so pretty and you dress so well. :) If anyone deserves a Stylish Blogger award, it's you!

    When the Inglenook is established, I will come visit. :D I'll certainly try the cupcakes! (I really wish such shops existed where I live, but no, we're too conventional and blah :P)

    Good luck with One Day Without Shoes! :)

    Oh, and I agree with #4 and #7: I'm drinking Rooibos Orange Vanilla tea right now.



  8. Hi,

    thanks so much for stopping by my blog! i love to meet other canadians :)
    this outfit is absolutely adorable and you have such pretty hair!
    i loooooove those gas pumps too! great location!

  9. Lovely outfit! I like that you would name your shop the same name as your blog! :)