Three Things I Love #2


Hello, friends!

I think it's time for another "Three Things I Love". Just because.

1. Elsie's lovely little shop displays. Somebody, please take me to Red Velvet.

2. Ruche's Spring 2011 lookbook. So dreamy and whimsical. Ruche never ceases to amaze me. 

3. Wilma Harju's blog and profile. This girl is thirteen. Yes, thirteen.

To those of you on Spring Break (and to those of you that aren't), I hope you have a wonderful week.



  1. Oh, I love Ruche's lookbooks. They are simply lovely. :) And those other things you love look pretty, too.


  2. Ruche's lookbooks are always stunning! The photographer is so talented. And the Red Velvet shop displays are always stunning... I will have to read through the blog you mentioned; it looks delightful!

  3. Can I live in Ruche's lookbooks? Haha! They are always so beautiful. :)

  4. When you go to Red Velvet, please take me with you. I have seen that lookbook all over the internet and have yet to look at it because I have no money

  5. I love all of this! That display in the book is so unique! I've never seen anyone use a book like that to display.

    Thanks for sharing. have a wonderful weekend!

  6. wow, 13!! She's got great style and I like the simplicity of her pictures and outfits but they're so cool!

  7. love your blog. following...

  8. Everything here is so lovely :)

    I want to go to Red Velvet too! Let's go together :)

    I love her skirt in the last picture. And the Ruche lookbook is just love <3


    P.S. you, Kendall, and Libby have inspired me. I'm starting my own blog! ^_^