second lake trip stories.


It's hard for me to sit down and write about these annual trips to the lake. The first reason being that once I write about it, the words are no longer my half-formulated thoughts. They're out there on paper. More distant. A thing of the past, even if I desperately wish they were still my present. The second reason being my incapability to sum up handfuls of my favourite moments in just mere sentences. I don't want to say that It was amazing. or give it to you all in a nutshell. I just want to tell you some stories.

Like how on the third night, we got that nasty windstorm we secretly always wish for. The sky was grey and the sun was pink and we played like six-year-olds (swim rings included) in waves unfamiliar to us prairie kids.

After renting out little yellow bicycles (bananas, we decided they were) we stuffed ourselves with beavertails (and lemon) at a mosquito-infested table somewhere between the town and the shore. You chased seagulls with your arms outstretched, yelling LOVE ME! They didn't.

Waking up in a cabin that still smelled like campfire and reese's peanut butter cup s'mores from the night before.

We ended up here on most afternoons, which was completely fine for a girl with a book obsession, a coffee problem, and a painting weakness. 

I disregarded the don't talk to strangers rule on more than one occasion (more on that another time). Strangely enough, its something I'd like to do more often.

The one night we stopped for gelati and dad said it reminded him of Italy because of the cobblestone and the busker on the cello, but the gelati just wasn't as good. We sighed, envious of his travels. I can't wait to take you there someday, he said. Neither can I. 

Staying out here a bit later than I should have (with Jack Kerouac and some chai), for no other reason than a) I'm a night owl. b) It was summer, and c) I wanted to. 

On the last night, we went swimming as soon as it got dark (and, yes. probably what you're thinking. it was a bucket list thing...). We had to stop halfway back up the steps because we were either panting too hard to properly giggle, or giggling to hard to properly pant. 

Not wanting to leave the cabin for the very last time and purposely leaving things inside, just to live the lake life for a second or two longer.

On the drive home, we stopped at that old-brick-church-turned-hammock-shop we've always meant to duck into. Instead of a hammock, we got a tour of the owner's basement pottery studio and his old lens for my film camera. Some strangers are wonderful. 

Those are my second lake trip stories.


  1. oh my gosh this is wonderful. Beautiful stories + imagery

  2. Beautiful. I love the way you capture your memories.

  3. i want to go the lake. xo

  4. Beautiful. Oh how I love the lake and the way you hand us your glowing memories...

  5. This is beautiful. I agree with Abi - I love the way you capture your memories.

  6. Those pictures of you & Chloe are seriously the sweetest thing.

    I've decided I'll have to try a Beaver Tail sometime in my life. And just go to Canada. It certainly looks beautiful.

    And "it was a bucket list thing..." made me smile so much. Some things you just have to do so that you can have done them, ya?

  7. I love this and you. You are brimming with beautiful stories to tell.

  8. I can stare at these photos all day, they're beautiful! I can't wait to hear more stories from you, the way you tell us through words and pictures is absolutely beautiful.

  9. i'm just going to hang your life on my wall. because it's too beautiful not to.

    "You chased seagulls with your arms outstretched, yelling LOVE ME! They didn't." and this makes me happy cry. i don't know why, but it just does. it just makes me really...joyful about life.

    this is just gorgeous. i just love you.

  10. These pictures are beautiful and I loved the stories :). Sounds lovely :)

  11. These stories are the summer kind that need to be told and remembered in the middle of winter. Bookmarking this for November when I loose hope.

  12. On a cold day in the winter, I'm going to come back to this post and revel in the warmth that your photos and stories give me. You have such a good eye with your photos, Abbey. I can't explain how touching they are.

  13. OH that water is cold! i have a ton of respect for you, girl!
    i love the familiarity of these photos, and your stories even.
    you have a talent for expressing (through photos and words).

    1. IT IS FRIGID. ha, thank-you. it's a wonderful place, isn't it?

  14. You're a great story teller. Truly. I felt like I could picture everything you did so clearly.
    And your photos. I know everyone says this, but believe me when I say this: you have a
    wonderfully creative eye! Each of your photos tells a story, which is not true of every
    photographer. Thanks for inspiring me more and more.


  15. This is literally a dream. I want to spend at least a week at a lake and live like that. Its like a fairy tale.

  16. Gosh, these photos are too much beauty all at once! It looks so, so gorgeous there.

  17. Wonderful stories. Those pictures are so amazing, I can see you were in a really beautiful place. :)

  18. Your lake trip posts are my favorite.

  19. you have no idea how amazing this is. or maybe you do but you're just too humble to say ;) seriously, though, one day I will come visit this place of magic and we'll stay out too late and feel goosebumps run up and down our spines in the cold lake water and read and eat too much sugar and basically it'll be the best days of our life. okay? okay.

  20. you are gorgeous! these pictures are so lovely. you make me wish i had your life! :)

  21. This is just so wonderful, Abbey. Your pictures are always so stunning and I love what you wrote and the memories you shared. simply beautiful.



  22. this is beautiful beyond words. i love what you've captured here. // xo

    SO pretty.
    Makes me bask on summer. (:

  24. A perfect summer destinations, these photos make me want to get on my swimming costume, find a peaceful lake and float away on a dingy.. Beautiful.

    Lydia @ lydiarose-blogs