an afternoon with nana.


Coming home to the sweet aroma of freshly baked pastries and hot tea with honey can only mean one thing. Nana's here. 

Much to my delight, my school schedule for the day consisted of only three classes, leaving Nana and I the afternoon to do whatever we pleased.

I'm no gardener. Truth be told, I'd much rather eat and photograph the beautiful abundance of fruits and vegetables. Fortunately, I have a mother and a grandmother who have the patience to nurture a garden. 

This particular afternoon, accompanied by the crisp Autumn air, my Nana gardened while I photographed, mesmerized by the crazy entangled carrots, and the intricate patterns of the tomato vines.

We picked apples from our tree, which were later topped with ice cream, in the form of a hot apple crisp.

Just before my last class, we managed to squeeze in a little thrifting expedition -- which was quite successful, to say the least. Chevron coffee mug, lace curtains, and a vintage headscarf? Check, check, and check. 

What's your idea of a perfect afternoon?




  1. i love having heart to heart conversations and
    cozy chats with my grandmother, Mother.
    she is the one special person i can go to if ever i feel dispirited.

    the other day just the two of us went to
    hardrock cafe downtown,

    and talked of our plans of traveling to europe over a mountain of brownie with ice cream.

    and onion rings, just for good measure.

  2. lovely pictures! makes me exited fall is almost here!

  3. my idea of a perfect afternoon?

    lowercase letters.
    duchess or raspberry royale tea.
    homemade apple & pear crisp, or apple pie, with a dollop of vanilla gelato {yes, gelato} on top.
    anne of green gables and pride & prejudice all in one sitting.
    writing or playing around on the laptop. just me, or my mom and sister.
    maybe we can even sneak in the cosby show.

    say hello to your nana for me! those photos are just mesmerizing :))
    -Jocee <3

  4. perfect afternoon:

    sprayed sunshine, good books, laughter, family.

    And wow -- can I put the mug picture on pinterest?

  5. beautiful photos as always, lovely! our twin-ness is continued...I like the idea of gardening but can never quite seem to make it work for me ;) and my idea of a perfect afternoon is right there, what you wrote. perfect.

    twin sister.

  6. My perfect afternoon can come in so many shapes & forms, it's impossible to pin down one. But yours sounded quite brilliant.

  7. Lovely photos, and it looks like a lovely afternoon. I love days like that--quiet, spontaneous, happy, filled with people you love. (:

  8. perfect :) I love fall... me + my sisters + leather boots + crackling leaves + horses + hot cocoa when we're done = perfect fall afternoon.

  9. lovely. simply lovely. enough said.

    most definitely my idea of a perfect afternoon, in the garden. the shots that you capture are so perfect. I indeed could view them all day. :)


  10. Beautiful pictures, seems like you had a lovely time<3 My perfect afternoon would probably be reading a book feeling the breeze of the sea :)

  11. Perfect afternoon? Reading your posts and seeing your pictures! Every single one blew me away... they are gorgeous!


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  13. my perfect afternoon?
    .going on a walk to take photos
    .stopping by Starbucks for a frappuccino
    .going to an antique shop or thrift store for a few minutes
    .chatting with a friend
    .cooking (or baking!) something yummy
    .journaling for a while
    .spending time in my Bible, worshiping Jesus, before I go to sleep

    that's it for me. lovely post, as usual abbey! have a wonderful week. :)

  14. blogging, mall shopping, and starbucks on a rainy day would be my perfect afternoon. :)
    beeeeeautiful pictures!

  15. My idea of a perfect afternoon would be one similar to today:

    a rainy morning
    finishing my favorite book, The Help
    and reading your blog


  16. beautiful photos - no surprise there! sounds like a lovely afternoon!

  17. I love that first picture. It's great that you get to spend time with your Nana. Awesome mug, too!

  18. Sounds like such a great afternoon. I adore spending time with my grandma. :)

  19. THIS is my perfect afternoon! Just lovely.

    Your blog is such a sweet little place. I'm so happy I found it!

    Katie x

  20. You are lucky to have a wonderful Nana, Abbey! And I am blessed to call her my Auntie!! So glad you can spend time together.