when i'm with my family...


...the hours go by far too quickly, but the laughter is inevitably louder and longer.

Sweet baby giggles, trips to the lake, and delicious meals epitomized this much-anticipated family reunion.

Just listening to the adorable things 'the littles' say {ie. "Abbey, you're my best friend."} and watching them play together always makes my day. In fact, it makes my whole Summer.

I must confess, though - my arms felt quite like jello at the end of each day. Hours of baby cuddling, swing-pushing, and piggy-back-giving would be the reason for this. Worth it? Oh, yes.

In the rare moments where I wasn't tracing little bodies with chalk and playing peek-a-boo, I started reading Emma, indulged in tea & coffee, and made {ahem... attempted to make} friendship bracelets with Meadow. Also, I acquired my seventh vintage camera, thanks to a very thoughtful auntie.

Honestly, I'm just so thankful for family.

What's your favourite thing about gatherings? I'd love to know.



PS. I'm guest posting over here today. Come & say hello!


  1. Abbey. If we weren't sure before, I am totally, one hundred percent convinced we're twins. Because I can't make friendship bracelets either. Even when the tutorial boasts "easiest ever!", I still can't. We should get together and learn, yes?

  2. amazing pictures! all of them! love the second one though, and the one with the sunglasses :)

  3. Clearly, adorableness runs in your family. I kind of want to cuddle the computer screen, the pictures are so sweet!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures! I am going to a family gathering this Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning. I love seeing family, playing games and swimming! (:

  5. So true, I can't agree more. I couldn't live without my family. My favorite thing would have to be the way everyone is so relaxed and the air is filled with laughter. Such a joyful time.

  6. Such pretty photo's. You are very talented :)

  7. Oh my goodness! Very beautiful Abbey<3 hehe love the book title {emma} thats my name. =D

  8. Lovely photos. I can't remember the last time I have been to a family reunion. :D

  9. That looks like so much fun! I love family reunions :) Your little relatives are so adorable! But I'm glad you got in some quiet time as well!

  10. Such darling kiddos, and gorgeous photos! xoxo