a myriad of summer pleasures.



I am reading what undoubtedly the sweetest thing I've ever read. When I was a baby, my Mom started documenting each day to me, in a journal. Stories of good & not-so-good days, hysterical moments, and "i love you"s grace the pages, and I find myself smiling & laughing while I read. This journal is such  sweet thing to have. I can't wait to do the same thing some day. 

{iced beverages}

It's been sweltering hot in the Prairies, y'all. Seriously. With the humidex, it was 49° C {120° F} today. So, I delight in pretty much anything iced lately. Sun tea, lemonade, iced coffee, water - i'll take it all. Not hot tea for me this week! {Also, I've been saying 'y'all far too much in the past few months. And I love it. Carlotta may be to blame. ;)}

{feathers, please}

Tucked amid my crazy, unruly head of hair, are two feathers. One is red, the other speckled. They're very small & subtle, but I smile whenever I see one out the corner of my eye. {I cannot seem to get a good shot of them, hence the feather earring photo.}


I am still very much in love with Instagram. It's such a simple way to capture beautiful moments. 

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So, tell me. What little pleasures have been making you smile lately? 




  1. Dear Abbey, your blog always gives me an inferiority complex. I mean that in the nicest way possible. Amazing pictures! Love, Kendall

  2. the journal is so sweet -- I'll have to tuck that idea away for when I have my future children :) Also. your photos are crazy gorgeous. I fall in love a little more each time. stunning.

  3. I have to say the journal and the Instagram pictures, I love. The journal- that must be so fun to read! I have been making a big video with different clips of what I've been up to starting around last year. I never look at the old clips but I just keep adding to it, and I can't wait to watch that someday, hehe! And Instagram is pure awesome. A lot of my friends find it boring, but I love it! And I hope you can survive the hot weather!

  4. You write just about the most simple yet beautiful posts I have ever read! Purrr-fect.

  5. The journal is a lovely idea, I think I might try that if I have children. :) I agree, iced beverages are a perfect way to cool off.

  6. I'm {stealing} your journal idea for when I have children. Of course, that'll be like...a million years in the future, but still, that's such a brilliant idea! Props to your mom who's undoubtedly awesome!!
    And what are MY summer pleasures? I think I'm going to make an entire post about it. Yes, I think I will :))
    -Jocee <3
    P.S. I LOVE how you have all these vintage things where you live. And your instagram photos are just lovely! I would use it but I don't have a phone, much less an iPhone.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful photos. Love the post. :) My summer pleasures: fruit, long days at the beach, bike rides, plenty of ice cream, fruit smoothies...the list goes on and on.

  8. The journal is so sweet. I don't plan on having kids any time soon, but I'll file that one away for future reference. How fun would it be to keep one whilst you were away travelling or at university, to share all the memories when you returned?
    Your days look so beautiful, and your outlook on life is lovely.

  9. Eeep- that is so hot!!! Stay cool, dearie! :) Stick with an iced tea regimen!

    I love that journal idea, it sounds so precious!

  10. I've been reading your blog for the past couple months Abbey, and I love it. It's so fresh and your youthful innocence is so beautiful. You are a beautiful writer!
    I also love the journal your mother wrote for you, what a beautiful gift to you now as you are older and able to enjoy all your mother's thoughts and emotions and something very special you can share with your own children someday.
    I'm from Winnipeg and I'm SO glad we have abit of a break from the heatwave today. It's been TOO HOT. We need to remember this in January/February!!
    Where did you get your little green key fob of the Volkswagon in your pics, I love it!!
    Keep up the beautiful writing Abbey.

  11. Thank-you so much for all your sweet comments.

    Momma: I am so happy about this heatwave break. We actually let the windows stay open yesterday! And, I got the Volkswagon key fob at a store called 'The Little Shoppe' in Clear Lake. :)

  12. Lovely photos! And what a sweet idea about the journal -- will def have to tuck that away and save it for later. Thank you for your sweet comment! ♥

  13. Your pictures are so adorable. You are really talented!

  14. Abbey! I've just discovered your lovely blog ... and I'm utterly and completely hooked.

    as others before me have said, the journal is the sweetest idea I have ever heard!

  15. i LOVE that your mother did that and i am incredibly jealous. i wish i could read about my younger years from her perspective.

    when i was a teenager i kept a "boy book", i kept i all the way up until i met my husband. i hope to give it to my daughter when she is a teenager...kind of a major way to say "i understand"

  16. I love everything about this post. Your instagram photos are lovely :)

  17. your photos are so beautiful. so glad i found you!

  18. I love your photography! No, really.