Weekend Snippets


Oh, how I love weekends. They give me time just to think, or time to do whatever it is I feel like doing. This time around, the weekend gave me time to play with my beautiful little cousins, hunt for antique books in the library basement, drink pomegranate tea in vintage teacups, bake fresh buns with my Nana, and just appreciate all the little things. It was perfect. I would really love to share some photos with you. :)

What did you do on the weekend? Or, what do you plan on doing next weekend? Do tell. 

I hope your week is fantastic,



  1. Pomegranate tea sounds delicious! And your cousins are adorable.

  2. Your weekend sounds so much fun! And your little cousins are adooorable! (they both have the most beautiful eyes on earth!) I'm heading to my hometown for this weekend so I hope I'll have some quality family time, too!

  3. I love all of those pictures! Your weekend looks nice. So do those strawberries...

  4. Love the pictures of the girl... she looks so friendly and sweet! xx I have folowed you! x

  5. Beautiful light on the first few! good job!